Economic Damages — The Vocational Element

The vocational expert is the vital link between the physician and economist to precisely determine past and future economic damages.

Attorney Comments

“Dick Andersen has a common sense appeal that resonates with juries. His testimony assisted the jurors in understanding the severe impact this wrongful termination had on the plaintiff’s life. Dick supported his analysis with ironclad statistics, making his testimony unassailable.”
– Matthew Fletcher, Connor & Fletcher
“Mr. Andersen’s opinions were instrumental in reducing Plaintiff’s past and future loss of earnings by approximately 50%. Mr. Andersen’s trial testimony was well prepared and to the point.”
– Charles Saacke, McNulty & Saacke
“Mr. Andersen’s insight, together with his fully researched and supported opinions afforded us an opportunity to assert a loss of earning capacity claim where many would think one did not exist.”
– Robert L. Luty, Robert L. Luty, APC
“Richard Andersen demonstrated to the jury the catastrophic effect the termination had on Plaintiff’s career, setting the stage for the jury’s adoption of the economist’s loss analysis.”
– Tim Prince, Tomlinson, Nydam & Prince
“In an apparently novel scenario, Richard Andersen used his ingenuity and persistence to develop a compelling and understandable framework for future damages. Mr. Andersen built a solid foundation for his opinions, through his research into medical and economic literature, and his consultation with plaintiff’s economic and medical experts.”
– Joe Andrews, Andrews & Hensleigh

Frequently Asked Questions

In determining economic damages, there are three key players. The doctor determines the plaintiff’s work restrictions, and the economist calculates the past and future loss of earnings.

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The California State Department of Rehabilitation has placed disabled people on waiting lists for the last 20+ years. Just because someone is eligible for services in California doesn’t mean they will get them.

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