Case Study - Medical Malpractice

13-Year-Old Suffers Cardiac Arrest, Resulting in Significant Cognitive Limitations Causing Twofold Loss of Earning Capacity

NATURE OF CASE: Medical malpractice case resulting from misdiagnosis at birth.

OUTCOME: Case settled for a highly favorable, confidential amount.

ATTORNEY: Sean Burke, Law Office of Sean M. Burke, 9210 Irvine Center Drive, Irvine, CA 92618, (949) 644-3434, represented the plaintiff.

ATTORNEY COMMENT: “This case had its challenges starting with the fact the negligence occurred 13 years before the damaging heart attack suffered by our then 13-year-old client. The defense raised serious arguments about the actual effect the heart attack had on our young client's future career opportunities and his earning potential and claimed that any such claim was pure speculation at his young age. Richard Andersen's coherent and logical analysis incorporating the results of the neuropsychologist's workup, along with Mr. Andersen's experience in the vocational rehabilitation field, led to the development of a very strong and well-supported basis for long-term impact on our client's future earnings, which allowed us to claim significant economic damages to get over the MICRA cap on non-economic losses. Mr. Andersen was always responsive and his testimony was organized and well-supported with graphs, tables and government statistics.”

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