Case Study - Birth Injuries

Brachial Plexus Birth Injury Impairs Future Earning Capacity

NATURE OF CASE: Medical malpractice arising from Erb’s palsy birth injury.

OUTCOME: ”The child’s parents were extremely pleased with outcome of the case, which included consideration for future lost earnings for their child.”

ATTORNEY: Adam Vallejo, of Whittier, represented the child and her parents. Mr. Vallejo retained Richard Andersen as a vocational expert to render an opinion regarding the child's future loss of earning capacity.

ATTORNEY COMMENT: “This is my second occasion to call upon Richard Andersen’s expertise. On both occasions, I found him exceptionally capable. He is especially good in presenting and defending his findings. Of equal importance to me, is that I have never encountered any difficulties in contacting him. I have always found him eager to educate me on the bases for his findings and other factors - - information which facilitated my job of explaining the nature of my client’s disabilities to opposing counsel and the fact finder.”

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