Case Study - Birth Injuries

Child’s Brachial Plexopathy Impairs Future Earning Ability: Disability Research Supports Opinions

NATURE OF CASE: Medical malpractice case involving a birth injury to a male child.

OUTCOME: Settled very favorably just at the commence­ment of trial.

ATTORNEY: Daniel Powell, Esq., of West, Powell & Glass, Los Angeles represented the child and his parents. He retained Richard Andersen to serve as a Vocational Expert and Ray Schultz, Economist at IBAR, Inc., to render an opinion regarding the child's future loss of earning capacity.

ATTORNEY COMMENT: "Mr. Andersen's vocational evaluation assisted us in quantifying a very young child's future loss of earning capacity. His organized and convinc­ing testimony at deposition substantially increased case value over the MICRA general damage limit."

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