Case Study - Medical Malpractice

Driven Mid-Life Student’s Career Aspirations Crushed

NATURE OF CASE: Litigation resulting from alleged medical malpractice.

OUTCOME: Plaintiff was awarded $2.58 million.

ATTORNEY: Sean M. Burke, Law Office of Sean M. Burke, 9210 Irvine Center Drive, Irvine, California, 92618, (949) 644-3434, represented the plaintiff.

ATTORNEY COMMENT: “Richard Andersen was a pleasure to work with. His thorough testing and clear explanation of the impact our client’s injuries had on his ability to pursue his career goals carried the day, and led to the arbitrator awarding our client the economic damages he deserved. Mr. Andersen’s charts supported his opinions in a clear, concise and understandable way. The defense expert claimed our client was exaggerating his symptoms, and Mr. Andersen’s extensive experience in working with disabled individuals coupled with his testimony that plaintiff was in the top 5 most motivated individuals he has ever evaluated was enough to persuade the arbitrator he should not accept the defense expert’s testimony. Since this was a medical malpractice case with non-economic damages capped at $250,000, it was very important for us to establish the extent of the economic damages, and Mr. Andersen coordinated his testimony with our economist, Susan Bleecker, CPA.”

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