Case Study - Birth Injuries

Misdiagnosed Deafness Results in Future Earnings Loss

NATURE OF CASE: Medical malpractice litigation involving misdiagnosed deafness in an infant.

OUTCOME: 'The case settled for a confidential amount, the day after Mr. Andersen's deposition."

ATTORNEY: Joe Andrews of Andrews & Hensleigh, Los Angeles, (213) 892-6364 represented the plaintiff. Mr. Andrews hired Richard Andersen as a Vocational Expert to render an opinion regarding the plaintiff's future earning capacity.

ATTORNEY COMMENT: "In an apparently novel sce­nario, Richard Andersen used his ingenuity and persis­tence to develop a compelling and understandable frame­work for future damages. Mr. Andersen built a solid foundation for his opinions, through his research into medical and eco­nomic literature, and his consulta­tion with plaintiff's economic and medical experts."

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