Case Study - Sexual Harassment/Sexual Abuse

Same-Sex Harassment Interrupts Start Investment Banker’s Career

NATURE OF CASE: Same sex harassment (male on male) at large international securities firm.

OUTCOME: The New York Stock Exchange arbitration panel awarded approximately $750,000 to plaintiff for damages resulting from the same-sex harassment.

ATTORNEY: Patricia M. Lucas and Shawna M. Swanson, Fenwick & West LLP, Palo Alto, California represented plaintiff in this matter heard by a New York Stock Exchange arbitration panel. Ms. Lucas and Ms. Swanson hired Richard Andersen as a Vocational Expert to render an opinion regarding the plaintiff's future loss of earning capacity.

ATTORNEY COMMENT: According to Pat Lucas, Richard Andersen was able to convince the arbitration panel, who were openly skeptical at first, that plaintiff had suffered a significant loss of career momentum. In particular, despite his quick rise to success and substantial income within his firm, would not be able to match and to continue to grow his income elsewhere without taking time off to earn an MBA. In a proceeding in which no depositions had been taken, Mr. Andersen handled defendant’s cross-examination quite effectively, finding opportunities to repeat or expand his articulation of his opinions.

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