Case Study - Mental/Emotional/Psychiatric Disabilities

Seizure Disorder Stops Military Officer’s Career

NATURE OF CASE: Medical malpractice litigation involv­ing a male whose head injuries were not properly treated.

OUTCOME: 'The matter settled for the extent of the insur­ance available, and had there been more insurance cover­age, or assets, the recovery would have been four or five times as much."

ATTORNEY: Evan L. Ginsburg, Esq. of the Law Offices of Ginsburg & Hlywa, Fullerton,
represented the plaintiff. He retained Richard Andersen to serve as a Vocational Expert and render an opinion regarding plaintiff's future loss of earning capacity.

ATTORNEY COMMENT: "It is because VECTOR was able to take over the testing and interview of a gentleman with severe brain trauma, that we were able to settle the case. This gentleman suffered from severe anxiety, and his injuries caused him to be extremely hostile in all stressful situations. VECTOR was able to fully and completely test the plaintiff, and maintain a degree of comfort, which was almost impos­sible to find. I will certainly continue to use VECTOR"

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