Case Study - Mental/Emotional/Psychiatric Disabilities

Stress From Harassment Causes Severe Loss of Earning Capacity

NATURE OF CASE: Personal injury litigation wherein the plaintiff was involved in an altercation at her workplace and subjected to harassment by fellow employees.

OUTCOME: The jury awarded $2.4 million dollars to the plaintiff, of which $1.3 million dollars was for economic damages.

ATTORNEY: Charles Mazursky, of Mazursky, Schwartz & Angelo, Los Angeles, California (310) 478-5838 represented the plaintiff. Mr. Mazursky hired Richard Andersen as a Vocational Expert to render an opinion regarding plaintiff's future loss of earning capacity.

ATTORNEY COMMENT: “Dick Andersen’s testimony was undoubtedly a major factor in obtaining this verdict. He was a true professional in every sense of the word - he was well prepared, could not be broken in cross-examination and even brought his own blow-ups!”

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