Case Study - Wrongful Termination

Whistle Blower Faces Future Loss of Earnings After Termination

NATURE OF CASE: Litigation resulting from alleged wrongful termination.

OUTCOME: Case settled for $650,000.00.

ATTORNEY: Sanford Kassel, of the Law Offices of Sanford A. Kassel, 334 West 3rd Street, Suite 207-334, San Bernardino, California, 92401, (909) 884-6451, represented the plaintiff.

ATTORNEY COMMENT: “Mr. Andersen’s expertise in evaluating this client’s loss of earning capacity and vocational rehabilitation needs was a tremendous asset in this case. He was able to explain his intended testimony to counsel and county counsel with the use of charts and various demonstrative aids during his deposition. This proved to be a benefit in getting this case settled just prior to trial.

Mr. Andersen’s experience with vocational rehabilitation analysis and prognosticating the ability or inability for future employment is something any attorney should consider using to analyze a serious past and future wage loss, including loss of earning capacity claim.”

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