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Richard Andersen, M.S., C.V.E., C.R.C.

Phone: 714.898.5533
Fax: 714.892.0345
Richard Andersen has 40+ years of experience in vocational rehabilitation, beginning with fieldwork and later moving into the role of vocational expert. He has testified extensively in 20+ California Superior Court venues as well as 3 federal court v… Read More
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Marsha Andersen, M.ED., C.V.E., C.R.C.

Phone: 714.898.5533
Fax: 714.892.0345
Marsha Andersen has served as Chief Executive Officer and Managing Partner at VECTOR, Inc. for over 30 years. Marsha is responsible for corporate fiscal operations, policy, and long range planning, as well as staff supervision and training. In additi… Read More
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Amala Mandal

Phone: 714.898.5533
Fax: 714.892.0345

Amala Mandal has been working for VECTOR, Inc., for over 25 years. She has a bachelor’s degree in History.

As Project Manager, she is typically the first contact a referring party has with our company. She remains the primary point of contact as the case progresses from vocational rehabilitation evaluation to deposition, and, if necessary, trial testimony.

Amala has also conducted vocational testing for the last 20 years under the direction of a Certified Vocational Evaluator.

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Valerie Lindow

Phone: 714.898.5533
Fax: 714.892.0345

Valerie Lindow has been working for VECTOR, Inc., for over 25 years. She has a bachelor’s degree in Accounting.

As Accountant, she is responsible for accounts payable and accounts receivable, budgeting, and other related accounting matters. She has the authority to resolve financial issues with the referring party.

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Ruth Mannix

Phone: 714.898.5533
Fax: 714.892.0345

Ruth Mannix has been working for VECTOR, Inc., since 2016. She has a bachelor’s degree in English, an associate's degree in Culinary Arts, and an ABA-approved Certificate in Paralegal Studies.

As Research Associate she performs research related to educational programs, disability literature, and pre-injury and post-injury wage research under Richard Andersen’s direction.

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